Chateau Peridot, Fine Gems

7+ carat rare Cobalt Blue Spinel, Ceylon

Chateau Peridot was named after our French Second Empire home in Virginia, built in 1875. My wife our dogs and I live in the Chateau and do business in an office in Roanoke by appointment only. We sell our gems primarily to jewelers but we recently opened our stock to the public online.

We strive to help our customers save money by using the same formula the jewelry stores use. Purchase the finest main stone you can afford. Have your gem certified if you wish (We will help you get a GIA certification,) and choose your mounting from thousands we have available through the same companies jewelry store use, but for a fraction of the cost. We provide free design assistance and when you have found your ideal mounting be it silver, gold or platinum you may add diamond accents if you wish and we will work with you from beginning to end on your budget.

What does this mean for me how do I save?

First like a jewelry store you are buying your main gem wholesale and we carry much finer gems than most jewelry stores. We never buy our gems (except diamonds,) through the companies that make our mountings. We have found none that can match our quality and price. They do however give us very reasonable costs on the diamonds, platinum and gold you will want to mount your gem in. Since we do not have a large overhead we are able to work on small margins on the mountings giving you close to the cost the average jewelry store pays. In essence you have cut out the middlemen.

Why are you saying your gems are better?

Because we go direct to the mines, mine agents, and gem cutters to buy the finest material they have to offer. They know our standards and when gems come up they know we would be interested in we have bought the gems almost immediately after they are discovered and many times we have bought up all of the finest gems and/or rough before the jewelers even know they exist. Jewelers rarely have time to do this, they would have to hire a team. This is what we do and we risk our money at times in turbulent oversea locations because the most beautiful gems seem to appear in the most dangerous places on earth both geographically and politically. We buy direct from award winning cutters on three continents and are proud to represent the finest cutters in the United States, Europe and Asia. We can buy these gems cheaper than you can buy them direct from the cutter, because we get volume discounts.

How do I save money on design?

We offer all basic design free and if you want something even more special it will cost you 100.00 to 350.00 more. Or if you want a fabulous piece for the red carpet the sky is the limit but you always get discount rates even when working with our top design firms.

How do I save on the mounting?

We do not make our money on the mounting. This is a service we offer. Many jewelers double and even triple their mounting costs. Our charge is 10 to 30% of the total cost of the mounting and that is WHOLESALE COST! Whether you have 300.00 or 50,000.00+ to spend we will respect your budget and old fashioned advice is free. We love to talk to our customers and we are located in the United States and are a small family company

How do I know I am getting a good deal?

Our stones are not treated (a few exceptions exist and they are marked TREATED very prominently. We only carry the treated stones our customers have requested and have less than 20 in stock. Our gems are of the finest quality, cherry-picked by us out of what is available. We buy them before the market drives the prices up and pass that savings on to you in the gem, design and mounting prices. We save you a lot of money! We buy the best color, clarity and cut the miners and cutters offer. Our estate jewelry is below appraisal value. When we finish your piece we will happily have your piece appraised for a reasonable fee and if it is not worth at least 50% more than we charged you then you pay nothing. We will credit back your account 100% and not ship your piece.


One thought on “Chateau Peridot, Fine Gems

  1. I may have this made into a ring for myself this blue is fantastic. It has been my pet rock for quite a while now and the longer it stays the more apt it is to be in a ring for me. Buy it before I give in to my weakness.


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